International Business

On Jun. 11, 2003, the People’s Bank of China, Jinan Branch granted Qishang Bank the license for foreign exchange businesses. On Aug. 28, 2003, the Company officially started the business. Over the past decade, Qishang Bank has established agency relationships with more than 500 banks in over 50 countries and regions, and is benefiting from an increasing number of the partnerships. The Company successively launched foreign exchange deposit, foreign currency loan, foreign currency exchange, international settlement, cooperative future foreign exchange settlement, self-run foreign...

Company Business

Financial Market

With the approval of the People’s Bank of China, Qishang Bank officially joined the unified national inter-bank market in 1998, engaging in businesses such as credit lending, bond repurchase and cash trade. Now, Financial Market Department, having Capital Transaction Department, Bond Trading Department, Bill Trading Department and General Department, is mainly responsible for domestic currency businesses of the Head office such as bond investment and trading, and bill discounting.

About Us

Qishang Bank, formerly known as Zibo Commercial Bank, is one of the fourth groups of local joint-stock commercial banks established by urban credit cooperatives in China. It was established on August 28, 1997 and based in Zibo, Shandong Province. On February 13, 2009, with the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission, Zibo Commercial Bank changed its name to ’Qishang Bank’. Currently, with a registered capital of 3.888 billion yuan, Qishang Bank has set up the Zibo sub- branch and eight branches in Xi’an, Binzhou, Dongying, Weifang, Jining, Weihai, Jinan and Linyi. Besides, it has initiated the establishment of a rural bank as the controlling shareholder.Since its establishment, Qishang Bank has formed an organizational structure mainly consisting of the Board of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and the senior management, and established its operating procedures and rules, according to requirements of modern company governance syst...

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